Journalistic Integrity

As of late I’ve watched less and less actual new, and started just waiting for something to pop up on a notification from one of the many social media accounts that I just recently started.

I then started to think “why would anyone by a paper now”  and the question kind of hurts, I personally love newspaper and think it is great.  The problem is with the social media apps of today we don’t always need a journalist to write things for us, for example let us look to our President.

This one man is probably the most influential citizen journalist to this day, he single handedly destroyed the credibility of news organizations by just saying “Fake News” which is really incredible and scary.

Really though this isn’t a post meant to bash our President, but really to inform the people that the first amendment is still alive with every post put on the internet.  People now have the ability to give live reports on news that some organizations don’t have the time to send staff to,  getting more information out faster.  Is it all true probably not I’m pretty sure Jackie Chan has died 30 times, because someone thought it was funny to say it.

Never the less social media is the new form of newspaper, drinking a cup of coffee and looking at our phone is the new norm.citizenJournalism.jpg


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