Free Candy of The Internet

So, you know how when we were kids and our mothers would say “Don’t take candy from strangers” well, the rule in many ways is the same for the internet.  People thing that it is impossible to be scammed online with the common saying “It won’t happen to me!”  Trust me it does I was that person and fell for a muscle supplement scam that looked to good to pass up.

Meaning that This can very well happen to anyone, look at some major companies that get hacked or stuck in a fraudulent trap.   Which makes it even harder for us as users of these companies, because our information is lost due to the one wrong move of said company.

Now for people, we all need to understand that the king of Nigeria isn’t asking us for $5,000 and giving us $1 million in return, this is the free candy I spoke of earlier, but not really even free and even more dangerous if you actually give out your information.

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