Scary Gaming

With the new form of gaming popping up in VR, an all new form of game was made with VR horror.  I understand that horror games have been around for along time, but the new way of diving into the stories that nightmares are made of brings new problems.

The problem with horror games is the fact that fear is a hard emotion to get rid of, look at people who have a fear of spiders and how they won’t even get close to them. Now imagine that you are dropped in a virtual world that is made up of just spiders, I would just take off the headset and probably never put it on again. It would play games with your head, feeling like spiders were everywhere.

This really is something that is happening more and more, but not in a way that the public health bureau needs to look into it. VR games are becoming more popular by the day, which is great for the gaming industry.Blog photo6.png


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