Helping the Helpless

To this day I still have little love for social media, which being that it is a must to have in this day and age. School work is done on it, connections are made by it, people start revolutions with it… but it also has a downside, which would be the countless number of people harassed or bullied online.

People haven’t seen a faceless action like this, I say faceless because when typing something to someone a feeling of emotion is missed. Looking a computer screen makes some things so not personal, making it easy to say hateful and awful things to others even more so when we don’t know them.

A major trend has happened with people being bullied, and it is a tragic one that no one should ever have to deal with. The good thing is that people are out there to help the victims of the harassment, individuals have made web pages for people to seek help. I believe that it could be stopped as long as the problem has support, and people understand the damage it does to another human being.Blog7.png


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