Working for What You Love

I have wondered what makes me want to be in my perspective field of work, and I also wondered what makes people find the “true calling” that people so often talk about.

Well I figured out what I like to do, and really what I don’t like to do and that is about it. People say that “you know when you know” and I really don’t know anything about my work path, one day I want to do one thing and the next another it’s almost like I just wish a job would slap me in the face and say “This is what you’re going to do” and I would be done with it!

No that doesn’t happen and for this I have to find things that I truly love, and I know what some are the problem comes when I find something else I like to do as well and try to put the two together.  This makes for more stress and frustration, but if it could work it could make me happy, but the path I am on is the right one I feel like the major I picked was the right one.  I just need to feel right with the jobs I will take in my life, and that is what is scary.

It is possible to figure out if you don’t like the job you are in, and sometimes it happens which can be good or bad.  Good that you know that it isn’t for you, but bad that you are doing in the first place. We just have to use these signs to figure out if it is right or not.

Steve jobs.jpg


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