Media Growth

When looking into new media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram, and etc.  Different fields of media use them differently, lets look at traditional news such as print and magazines. I know that snapchat is a big thing for print media, look at the news feeds that come up under the featured category.

Ad/Pr has a whole new tool with social media, so really any social media can be used for Ad/Pr. I know that snapchat is now doing ads in between stories, but facebook has ads that pop up using the history on your computer trying to dig for what the user likes, creepy but useful and I know it has worked on me a time or two.

Broadcasters have the new form of reporting in the “live” aspect of many of the social media platforms, I never thought that when I was asked to “live Tweet” someone would confuse it with video. Going live on facebook is an important tool to many news organizations.

Quoting a friend of mine “the future is now” and he isn’t wrong, VR or virtual reality headsets are a some what new concept that are making great strides in all communications fields.  It brings empathy for news casts, and lets people feel up close to a product in an advertisement and lets us act in a virtual reality.

Another social media concept that has been around but evolved over the years would be gaming, the evolution of gaming changed from people playing in an arcade to LAN parties, and moved all the way to online gaming.  Now over 64 people can be in one single match or map playing and communicating, which really is a crazy idea if we think about it!

Really though, an extremely important thing that has just popped up are the tools like “Sysomos” or “Hootsuite” and a few others, but these websites give a whole new control over social media.  The fact that I could control all of my social media platforms from one webpage is amazing, and even more so if I was to run the social media programs for a major company.  Being able to interact with people in real time when you have thousands of followers, it changes the game for the people working one them.

So, it is easy to see how social media is growing and changing our everyday lives.  Look at our political happenings of this past year, a man won due to the skill he had on social media good or bad that is what gave him the edge he needed.  It isn’t all negative though, the way that social media keeps people informed now is great for things happening all around the world.

social media photo.jpg


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